Liza Paturel

Liza Paturel

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About me

I started acting when I was 16 years old and for 8 years I was one of the main actresses of MOST theatre in Moscow. But one fine day - love from the first sight ! And I decided to leave Russia and my successful theatre life and to move to Paris a few years ago. Moving to another country, without speaking French and without any idea of how to find my place in French cinema (which was my ultimate dream) was a real challenge. But my favourite quote is "If you can dream it, you can do it" ! So I never stopped working, searching, exploring and taking chances.
Today in my filmography there are more than 20 titles, I had a chance to play for 2 years one of the main roles in an immersive show at the Opéra Garnier. In 2022, I wrote a book "Acteur, manuel de survie" on the life of an actor in France from the point of view of a foreign actress. I am also the founder of the acting community in Instagram which brings together 4000 French actors for today.


Place of birth
Height (cm)
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Amsterdam, Bonn, Moscow, Lausanne
French, Russian
Jazz DanceShow danceStandardArgentine tangoClassic danceContemporary danceModern DanceMusical theatreSamba
Actor, Comedian
Driver's licenses
B - Car


Primary professional training

Acting International

Other Education & Training

Paris BAW (New-York-Paris)
Stage Studio Pygmalion
Phd in Philology, Moscow State University
Actor's Studio MOST, Moscow


"Best Acting" pour "Coiffeur", MNBFF, Lisbon (Short film)
"Best Actress" pour "La Mouche de Bronze", Flathead Lake International Festival, USA (nominated)
"Best Actor" pour "La Mouche de Bronze", Jane Austen Film Festival, Bath, Angleterre (Short film)
"Meilleur rôle féminin" pour "Cyrano", Theatralny Koufar, Minsk (Drama)
"Meilleur rôle féminin" pour "L'Heureux Malchanceux", Theatralny Koufar, Minsk


10 jours ENCORE sans maman (Feature film)
Parent ESF (GR) Ludovic Bernard Producer: Soyouz Film (Romain Brémond) Distribution: Studio Canal Casting director: Pierre-Jacques Benichou Written by: Ludovic Bernard, Mathieu Ouillon
L'Obscurité (Short film)
Diane jeune Svetlana Trebulle Written by: Svetlana Trebulle
Don't Look Away (Short film)
Margarita (LR) Simon Zhou Producer: 7 Points Production
Constance (Short film)
Constance / Mére (LR) Claire Espagno Producer: Songes
Le Visage et l'Âme (Short film)
Maria (SR) Sébastien Dutraive Producer: LYOSPARD
Un Billet pour Noël (Short film)
Marie (LR) Daria Pisareva
Coiffeur (Short film)
Sacha (LR) Simon Zhou
Hors du monde (Feature film)
Jumelle Hélène / Amélie (OR) Marc Fouchard Producer: Julien Russo Written by: Marc Fouchard
La Louve (Short film)
Anna (SR) Svetlana Trebulle
Black Mirror à la russe (Series)
La Femme (LE) Artem Gutkowski
La mouche de bronze (Short film)
Leading role Karleener
Chacun pour tous (Feature film)
Paprika (SR) Vianney Lebasque Producer: Philippe Schwartz Casting director: Emma Skowronek
Aimer malgré tout (Short film)
Sophie (LR) Anarelle Mus
Paris Rouge (Short film)
Anna (LR) Jordan Durand
Polina, Danser sa Vie (Feature film)
Ouvreuse (OR) Angelin Preljocaj


Faites des gosses (TV series)
Talia Goldberg (GR) Philippe Lefebvre Station: France 2 Casting director: Loic Maldonado


Inside Opéra (Drama)
Princesse Pamina (LR) Gaëtano Laury, Olga Bagran Producer: TF1 Theater: Palais Garnier, Paris
Cyrano (Drama)
Roxane (LR) George Dolmazyan Theater: Théâtre MOST, Moscoù Written by: Edmond Rostand
L'Heureux Malchanceux (Drama)
Margarita (LR) Evgeniy Slavutin Theater: Théâtre MOST, Moscou Written by: Mikhail Shefner
Attraction (Drama)
Sveta (LR) George Dolmazyan Theater: Théâtre MOST, Moscou Written by: Mikhail Shishkin
Illusion (Drama)
Sally Bowles (SR) George Dolmazyan Theater: Théâtre MOST, Moscou
Les Rêves d'Hiver (Drama)
Frau Schwartzkopf (SR) George Dolmazyan Theater: Théâtre MOST, Moscou
L'Aéroport (Drama)
Lizochka (LR) Evgeniy Slavutin Theater: Théâtre MOST, Moscou
Une Amante Ingénieuse (Drama)
Ivanka (SR) Evgeniy Slavutin Theater: Théâtre MOST, Moscou Written by: Lope de Vega


Kompromat (Dubbing)
Jerôme Salle
Hélène Martini : Ombre & Lumière (Audio drama)
Alice (SR) Laurence Courtois Producer: France Inter
Anna (Dubbing)
Luc Besson
Proxima (Dubbing)
Infirmière (SRE) Alice Winocour
Les Frères Sisters (Dubbing)
Jacques Audiard
Kursk (Dubbing)
Thomas Vinterberg


KINDER (Commercial)
Brow Studio HARCOURT (Commercial)
Croix Rouge (Commercial)
High Profile (Commercial)
TOTAL (Commercial)